Full Service Moving


(Stress-Free and Worry-Free)



  • You don't have to spend time packing

  • Getting moved with-in 48 hours or less

  • Save your energy

  • Knowledge from Moving Specialists

  • Disassemble and Reassemble of all furniture

  • Make sure all items are safely packed into the truck

  • Making one trip with a truck

  • Move gets done all in one day's time.  (24 hours)

  • No need to drive a truck anywhere

  • No worries about cleaning out a truck or returning a truck

  • No sitting in a truck rental place waiting to get a truck

  • Supplies come in price

  • Prices include everything

  • Save time and money

  • No supplies have to be bought  we bring all supplies needed

  • No soreness

  • Great night of rest

  • Insurance coverage

  • Taxes included

-Low Rates with ONLY Trained Professional Movers -


   Full Service Moving is where Professional Movers take care of everything. They will come out to see your house or do an estimate over the phone for smaller jobs. On moving day you the customer can just relax and let them know what goes where. With Full Service Moves the movers will come into your home pack everything up, bring all the supplies listed that is needed for the job, and load the truck selected for your move. After carefully loading the truck they will drive the truck to the unload location. They will then safely unload the truck. After unloading they will unpack your boxes and put away everything like you had before you moved. They don't have to unpack if you don't need them too. After the move is over they will take all trash from your home.
 There is a deposit for all Full Service Moves.

Labor-Only Moving

(Stress-Free and Worry-Free)


  • Save your energy

  • Great night of sleep

  • Customization of your move

  • Save a few bucks renting your own truck

  • Option to have movers drive a truck that you possess

  • Control over you move

  • Getting move done in one day

  • Making one trip with a truck

  • Disassemble and reassemble of furniture

  • Make sure every item is safely packed into the truck

  • Knowledge from moving professionals

  • Movers will clean out, close truck, and fold blankets for you

  • Payment after drop off of items

  • Peace of mind


  • Providing a truck.

  • Providing all materials/supplies required for the move and buying at premium prices.

  • Using multiple moving companies (One experienced other not.)

  • Not knowing amount to be spent on truck expenses (gas, truck cost, insurance, tolls, other unknown fees)

  • Driving truck yourself and trying to get to your next location safely.

  • Spending a week of getting everything packed and ready to move by yourself.

-As low as $250 with 2 guys & 2 hours-

2 Hour minimum

  Labor Only Moving is where you the customer would be providing the truck, POD or whatever you decide to provide. We would provide the men and necessary tools and supplies that you requested. The movers will handle any packing and unpacking of boxes if needed. The movers will load and unload the truck as needed. Basically Labor Only is everything  from packing boxes to only loading a truck or only unloading a truck. The movers will bring the skills you let them know what needs to be done. Labor Only is the most cost effective way of moving as you would be doing work the movers would come in and do for you in Full Service Moving such as packing your own boxes. Labor Only is good for making your move cheaper when you have a tight budget and to load a truck in one location and you the customer drive it to the next location to have another mover Unload your truck.

Why move yourself?

(Painful on the body, mind, family, and friends)


  • Save money on hiring movers

  • Save money on driving the truck

  • Save money on travel fee to get to your location


  • Packing boxes.

  • Working over multiple days to finish your move.

  • Loading everything heavy/light yourself including going up/down stairs, down long paths/sidewalks, etc.

  • Hurting yourself (Back, smash hand, stub toe)

  • Driving a truck from load and unload locations.

  • Unloading everything heavy/light yourself including going up/down stairs, down long paths/sidewalks, etc.

  • Unpacking all boxes.

  • Rearranging all furniture yourself.

  • Filling up rental truck with gas.

  • Folding all blankets and sweeping out truck (some truck companies charge if this is not done)

  • Taking truck back to rental location.

  • Putting together your bed and other necessary items.

  • Falling asleep sore and waking up sore in the morning.

  • Working all day sore.

Moving yourself can be great if you have some great helpers! If your moving with one other friend then it can be a pain. You can save a good amount of money but in the end the hours you spend and time you take off of work can be a loss.  Moving yourself could hurt your back possibly disabling you from working or can cause more problems down the road. Packing your own boxes sounds easy but it takes a whole day or more to do it yourself. Sure you may think it is easier but will anything break?, was everything thrown in last minute?, or were you spending good time packing boxes up? (which takes even longer). Loading the truck can be a breeze but how heavy is your furniture and how many boxes do you have to pack? Do you have a hand truck, hand trucks can hurt your back if used wrong, or do you have to carry everything out? What do you need moved? a front loading washer and dryer? a double door stainless steel fridge? or a upright piano? All those items could hurt your back easily and possibly dislocate a disc in your back. You will now have to drive the truck after those many hours of work loading it.

  Now you will have to unload all the items you have loaded into the truck. After a few hours you will then get unpacking or do it another day. After unpacking for a few more hours you will have to rearrange your furniture in your house. At your home or rental location you would need to fold all the blankets you rented and sweep out the truck. Next you will have to go to the gas station and fill up the truck to bring it back to the rental location. Drive truck back to rental location. Putting together all your furniture, filling the pantry, and organizing small items around the house. Sleeping in your bed and in the morning waking up sore for work.  

Furniture Assembly

    We offer furniture assembly services with-in a 100 mile radius. From IKEA to Ethan Allen and Amish made to Chinese made we assemble it all.

Don't hesitate to call if you think your job is too small. We do it all from around the corner to across the counrty no matter the type of move needed.

The Choice Is Yours

From doing it yourself to using our Labor Only service to using our Full Service Moving Specialists. The choice is yours to use movers or not. We are always willing and ready to work. Give us a call and get our expertise at your discretion. Whether you use us or not we will still give you our best quality service possible. 

 Call us whenever you want our lines are always open "Let Us Handle Your Move."  

Little Justin's Moving at (717) 381 - 5065 or E-Mail us at Littlejustinsmoving@gmail.com

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